Monday, May 25, 2009


Is it over yet?

Do you remember the days of FINALS???? I SURE DO.. I just finished mine at the beginning of May and that was exhausting! So I know exactly how my Hannahbear feels.. She is working hard to get some good grades and doing real well. I'm a proud mom..


Today my Haleigh girl lost her front tooth. Boy I wanted that thing to stay in. I told her I was going to glue it in hahaha.. I love those baby teeth but my girl is growing up fast and becoming more and more beautiful each day.

YEAH the tooth fairy comes tonight maybe she'll leave some fairy dust!

Here's a cute link to all your fairy needs that I enjoy!



Monday, May 18, 2009

Haleigh's Swim Party

Saturday we had such a fun day! My girl had such an awesome turnout and family and friends came to celebrate her big day. Look at those cupcakes!! SLURP....
Here she is taking a break from opening presents to say cheese with her her family!
We love you Haleigh..
Boy this wasn't easy getting them all together to take a picture but sure came out cute!!!!!

I made a yummy strawberry dip.. kind of by chance but boy it was so good.
2 boxes of Jello Cheesecake instant pudding.
put about 3 1/2 cups of milk in a bowl.. mix..
Cool whip.. add until you like consistancy..I use almost the whole tub..
stir stir stir stir..
put in refrig to thicken.. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Haleigh girl

Tomorrow is My little bug's Birthday. She is 7 already wow time goes fast!! She is having swim party at my mom's house. I hope she has a good turn out. She is so excited..

Happy Birthday my little angel!!!

My girls

Here are my two Jewels.. We took them to Mississippi for the day of shopping and well they located the playground area for a quick break.

Haleigh Girl was a baby when she saw the beach for the first time so we took a few minutes to drive out to the Ocean while in Mississippi where she did her favorite..

Look for seashells!! She came home so many she was tickled to show her class.. NEXT TIME FLORIDA!!!